Industry 4.0

Enabling intelligent biomanufacturing:
from R&D to production

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The Bioanalyst™

The BioAnalyst™

Real-time optimization
of cell cultures and fermentations

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Real-time Increase of
Bioconversion Yields

Real-time increase of bioconversion yields

Real-time Reduction of
Production Losses

Real-time reduction of production losses

Real-time Production
costs monitoring

Real-time production costs monitoring

Quality Control

We help these industries to become more profitable




Food processing

Water treatment

Biogas industry


"BioIntelligence Technologies have very interesting and powerful products that could really empower cutting-edge bioprocess development and biomanufacturing."
Ryan Philippe
Director of R&D, Manus Biosynthesis
"The BioAnalyst won us over with a superior ease of use and powerful tools for real-time scientific and financial analysis, enabling acceleration of bioprocesses development."
Guy Viel
General manager, CRBM

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