Our Mantra

Combining business intelligence
with scientific intelligence

Our instruments and software provide high-level strategic information on a real-time basis to research and operations personnel and to business personnel as well so as to continuously optimize the global performance of bioprocesses. In doing so, our clients increase their profitability and their competitiveness.


Business intelligence

Business decisions based on business data.

Real-time access to financial information enables decision-makers to take business decision based on business data.

Financial impacts of events and interventions revealed instantly. Decisions can be taken to maximize financial targets over technical constraints.

Business Intelligence Analysis performed on a real-time basis with current available data. No need to wait for the availability of data nor the production of reports. No more time lost on entering/transferring data into different software, performing recurrent analysis and writing redundant reports. Our systems accelerate decision-making and reduce time required for data manipulation.

Scientific intelligence

Improving operations efficiency.

Real-time access to high-level scientific indicators improves operations efficiency.

Information from any source being probes, sensors, SCADA, data in files from analytic instruments (ex.: HPLC) as well as manual sampling and entries is directly gathered into the system. Save time manipulating data.

Real-time calculation of scientific indicators such as yields, rates and productivities improve the understanding of dynamics and the quality of the monitoring. Save time performing redundant calculations.

Real-time predictions of performances enable acting proactively and improving final results.

Get real-time tracking

Real-time information for real-time performances.

Real-time. It makes the difference. Real-time access to measurements. Real-time calculations. Real-time predictions. Real-time financials. Real-time information for real-time performances.

Real-time access to information (measurements, calculations, predictions) using different user interfaces designed and built specially to emphasize desired angle to look at the data.

Real-time scientific and financial calculations to improve efficiency and let people doing what they are good at: analyzing information and taking decisions.

Real-time update of personalized dashboards for every user to access selected information at any time.

Real-time access through any web browser for every user to access information from any where.

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